Over 25 Years of Experience in the Roofing & Restoration Industry
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Professional Roofing Installation in Houston & Spring, TX

With a high-quality roof and expert installation, your house will be safe from the elements for decades to come. But unfortunately, a poorly built roof will almost always have damage issues such as cracks, leaks, and more. For this reason, if your roof needs re-installation or you're installing the roof for the first time, you should work with a trustworthy roofing contractor. In this matter, you can always rely on Eldridge Roof to Floor. We are a family-owned and operated company, offering all types of roofing solutions to improve your home and its possessions.

Our services are available in the following areas - Brookshire, Cypress, Houston, Pearland, Richmond, Sugar Land, Spring, and the surroundings across Texas. You can reach us at 832-957-9696 or click the link here to set up an appointment right away!

Why Is It Necessary to Have a Properly Installed Roofing?

Despite the significant initial expense that comes with installing a roofing system, it typically provides homeowners with the highest rate of return on investment. Because there are several benefits to it.

Low maintenance cost: Improper roof installation can just add to your problems. Cracks, holes, water seepage, and so on might appear at any time. However, you may have less difficulty if your roofing system is properly installed.

Increase your property worth: A new roof is a great investment, especially if you plan to sell your home in the near future. Property that has been well cared for tends to attract more potential buyers. It's more likely that they'll make you a fair deal if you have a properly installed roof.

Expand the lifespan of the property: Having a roof that is both strong and well-maintained is important to the safety and longevity of your home. So, if a roof is placed correctly, it might last for many years to come.

Contact Eldridge Roof to Floor for the Best Roofing Solutions

Eldridge Roof to Floor is the best option for roof installation if you're looking for a professional roofing company. We prioritize our customer needs over anything. Besides roofing, we offer services for restoration, gutter, solar, siding, patios, windows, and other home improvement solutions. Simply get in touch with us at 832-957-9696 today and leave the home repair task to us.

Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims

We help your family or business rebuild after a natural disaster. Services include Insurance Loss Claims and guidance through trying times.

  • Accidents Happen
    • We assist in the insurance claim process to minimize stressful times.
    • Find Out What’s Covered
    • Inspect The Damages
    • Provide Photo Report
    • Contact Insurance

Over 25 Years of Experience in The Roofing & Restoration industry.

Since being founded in 1998, the conception of Eldridge Roofing & Restoration, Inc., has been committed to true excellence in the roofing industry. Each member of our knowledgeable team strives daily to deliver professional, knowledgeable, reliable and first-class service to our homeowners.

Eldridge Roofing & Restoration, Inc., is proud to be a family-owned & operated company serving Houston, Spring, Cypress, and all other surrounding areas, while never losing sight of professionalism and the importance of quality craftsmanship at honest pricing. We individually and as a family stand firmly behind our company motto: “People before Profit.”

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